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Water Heaters

State-Water-HeatersMcCormack Heating & Cooling, Inc.  replaces and repairs water heaters.  Since 1985 we have  serviced the needs of Johnson County residents looking to replace their water heaters.  We proudly sell and install the (State) brand of water heaters.  Our prices are competitive and we handle everything from delivery of your new hot water heater, to installation and warranty.
If you find that you are not getting as much hot water from your water heater as you are used to feeling, or unable to complete a warm shower just after a load of laundry has finished, you may need to upgrade your hot water heater.  Water in Johnson County contains a large amount of calcium, which causes sediment to build up in the tank not allowing as much water to be heated and stored.   If this sounds familiar, call McCormack Heating & Cooling, Inc. for your best solution.   
All the buzz lately has been about the “On Demand” water heating system.   Ask us why, “On Demand” is not the best replacement or solution for water heating needs.


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